Global freight market outlook, US inventories, and why India’s share of global manufacturing and exports is on the rise

In this episode of The Freight Buyers’ Club, produced with the support of Dimerco Express Group, host Mike King looks at the current global freight market, the US demand outlook, and examines why the container peak season failed to materialise.

Mike and his guests then deep dive into India’s growing attraction as a global manufacturing hub as OEMs diversify away from China. His guests explain that while India still faces many challenges, it has already succeeded in attracting top-end manufacturers including Tesla, Apple, Asus, Lenovo, and Dell.

India’s young population and sizeable land bank, alongside government investment in logistics infrastructure and programmes to boost manufacturing, will see its share of global manufacturing and exports rise in the future, trends that have major repercussions for global trade flows and freight demand in the years ahead.


Rajesh Srinivasan, India Country Manager, Dimerco Express Group

Rahul Kapoor, Global Head of Shipping Analytics & Research, S&P Global Commodity Insights

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