Tariffs, Trade Wars and Freight Market Volatility

In this episode of The Freight Buyers’ Club, produced with the support of Dimerco Express Group, host Mike King and his guests Jessica Dankert, Vice President Supply Chain at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and Jason Miller, Eli Broad Professor in Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University, examine the complexities and challenges of today’s supply chain landscape.

The conversation starts with the latest on US tariffs and the ongoing trade tensions with China, exploring potential impacts on the US economy and global trade and the feasibility of a total economic decoupling of the US and Chinese economies.

Mike and guests also explore the numerous disruptions that have taken supply chains by surprise in 2024, from freight rate surges to logistical chaos caused by geopolitical events. They also provide insights from the retail sector and offer a broader analysis of how these disruptions are reshaping logistics networks.

They also examine conflicting economic indicators and the debate around restocking strategies, discussing whether the current trends reflect a shift towards ‘Just In Case’ supply chain management. Are retailers building up safety stocks, or is consumer demand driving the surge in imports?

Finally, they address US domestic freight market dynamics, potential port delays, and the looming threat of union strikes and natural disasters on logistics. They also share thoughts on building resilience in supply chains amid rising costs and ongoing disruptions.


Jessica Dankert, Vice President Supply Chain, Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

Jason Miller, Eli Broad Professor in Supply Chain Management at Michigan StateUniversity.

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