This podcast is a new home for anyone with a professional interest in international trade, shipping, procurement, logistics and air cargo. Each episode your host, award-winning journalist Mike King, will be speaking to leading decision-makers, analysts, journalists, operators and shippers to get their take on current freight and logistics markets and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Trans-Pacific Trends and Challenges: Insights from Freight Industry Experts

This episode of The Freight Buyers’ Club, hosted by Mike King and supported by Dimerco Express Group, delves into current trans-Pacific shipping trends and challenges, particularly in relation air cargo and supply chain dynamics. It features insights from Eric Kulisch, Air Cargo and Supply Chain Editor at FreightWaves and American...

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Container shipping: Navigating turbulence in 2024

The current global container shipping landscape, viewed through the lens of freight buyers, rivals the complexity seen during the Covid era. Threats of new US tariffs, shipping and geopolitical risks spanning the Middle East and beyond, and substantial shifts in the liner shipping alliance system are casting significant shadows. In...

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Navigating the Future of Global Trade and Supply Chains

In this episode of The Freight Buyers’ Club, host Mike King delves into the current state of global trade amidst geopolitical tensions and disruptions with renowned economist, historian, and journalist, Marc Levinson. They explore the long-term implications for importers, exporters, carriers, and the entire transport ecosystem. From the impact of...

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