The Big Air Cargo Debate; west coast docker negotiations; Flexport/Shopify analysis

In Part 1 of this episode, host and editor Mike King speaks to two of the world’s most renowned air freight experts: Cathy Roberson, President, Logistics Trends & Insights LLC, and Brandon Fried, Executive Director, Airforwarders Association.

Among other topics, they discuss: what next for air freight; the challenges facing integrators’; security regime alignment; US infrastructure; and labour disruptions.

In part 2 of this podcast, produced with the support of the Dimerco Express Group, Mike And Edwin Lopez, Managing Editor of Industry Dive, discuss: Flexport’s purchase of Shopify Logistics; CPKC, the new super railroad which is offering pan-North America services; the bankruptcy of of Bed, Bath & Beyond; the Federal Maritime Commission’s new powers; and the latest detention and demurrage claims against container lines by shippers.

Mike and Edwin also hear more about the deal with Shopify from Parisa Sadrzadeh, Senior Vice President, SMB Product & Technology at Flexport, who has been charged with making the integration work.


Brandon Fried, Executive Director, Airforwarders Association

Parisa Sadrzadeh, SVP, SMB Product & Technology, Flexport

Cathy Roberson, President, Logistics Trends & Insights LLC

Edwin Lopez, Managing Editor, Industry Dive

Episode in more detail:

Part 1 – The Big Air Cargo Debate with Cathy Roberson and Brandon Fried

Where next for air freight? (2.50)

The outlook for air forwarders (10.50)

Challenges for UPS and FedEx (12.09)

Labour the big logistics disruptor (18.00)

Recruitment opportunities (21.22)

Pandemic lessons and US infrastructure (25.29)

Security regime alignment (28.37)

Air cargo in 2024 (30.33)

Part 2 – West coast docker negotiations; Flexport/Shopify analysis/ D&D/ Bed, Bath & Beyond [featuring Flexport’s Parisa Sadrzadeh and Edwin Lopez, Managing Editor, Industry Dive] (36.33)

Flexport deal for Shopify Logistics (39.00)

What the Shopify deal means for shippers (41.11)

Flexport to go global with e-commerce (44.00)

Flexport in competition with integrators and/or Amazon? (45.40)

West coast docker contract negotiations – implications (47.52)

Resolution in sight? (53.51)

CPKC formation (58.30)

Geopolitics and cargo flows (1.01.59)

Bed, Bath & Beyond bankruptcy (1.03.00)

Detention & Demurrage filings and FMC powers (1.06.20)

Pandemic lessons for the US (.109.57)

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